Monday, July 26, 2010

Yes, I Make My Own Art Too

UPDATE--I was taking a look at old things and I noticed that this post still gets a lot of traffic. Since I no longer write here (obviously), I thought I'd put up a link to where I am posting (and that link would be right here). You know, just in case anyone is interested in what I've been up to lately. I talk about my life which includes random geeky and crafty things. So, come on over if you want to.  :-)

Oh yes, I made those! I'm quite proud of myself, actually. I haven't painted anything in a few years and it was such a great feeling to get back into it. I used to love painting, but life got in the way, which is something that happened with me a lot. Of course, this blog is all about me having the richest life I can. That richness goes in all aspects, not just financial. Art definitely enriches my life and I can't wait to paint something else!

I was inspired to start painting again after I saw this post over at The New Domestic. I loved what they did and I knew I could do something similar fairly quickly and easily. While Nerissa and Peter chose to go with a grey and an orange-red, I knew I had to choose different colors for my space.

My living room is full of neutrals just like the rest of my house. That's how I like to keep all of the major pieces of a room (except paint in certain instances) and then add lots of color in the accessories. It allows me to make small changes from time to time that really change a room and I don't feel stifled by the colors of the major elements in a room. Anyway, there isn't much color in the living room yet. While we've been on operation paying off some debt, I haven't wanted to spend much on decorating.

After some thought on what colors would work since the living room is open to the dining room and kitchen, I chose to go with a dark red, a bright aqua and black. That color of aqua has been my favorite color as of late so I can't help but be drawn to it! Once I had the color scheme picked out, I was on a mission to get the supplies.

All in all, this art project was quite inexpensive. I did have to make a trip to a different craft supply store because 1/4" painters tape is not exactly common. I ended up having to use something called "Art Tape" that was located in the drafting section. I wasn't sure if it was going to work, but it did and for that I'm grateful. I had worries of having to paint precise white lines.

When I originally started this project, I only intended on doing a pair of paintings. They were finished fairly quickly and I definitely liked the result. I decided to treat the lines from one painting as the starting point for the other and I am glad that I did. The effect is wonderful when you're looking at them. The two paintings weren't enough though. The scale was off and it just didn't take up enough visual space, so I set out to make another one to make a trio and it really worked out for the best. I think the set of three, seen above, fits the scale of our furniture and of our house.

So what did I spend on these three paintings? I'll break it down for you.

Canvas: $16.49 (with one blank canvas free to be used)
Acrylic Paint: $15.38
Tape: $8.97
Varnish: $4.19
Brushes: $5.28 (hello, cheap brushes from Lowes)

Total Cost: $50.31

I know for a fact that if I tried to buy something of similar size and quality, it would have cost a lot more than that. I wouldn't have got back into painting had I not done the work myself, either. My husband just loves what I've done and I think it really makes a statement in the room. It adds a lot of color and adds some serious eye-candy to the room.

When it comes to art and decorating in my home, I'd much rather make something myself than buy it. Not only does it allow me a creative release, it also saves me money. This definitely helps me keep on track with my financial goals. What do you prefer to make rather than buy?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

About Regular To Rich

"We're just regular people who happen to know a little more about finance and accounting." That's the comment I made to my husband that started my wheels turning and led to Regular To Rich. I can't remember what we were discussing that brought upon that comment, but it made me realize that I had a lot to say and I knew I could help inspire people to make changes for the better. Why not share what I know with others?

Now, I'm not saying I know everything! I am constantly learning more and more about personal finance and I'm able to apply what I learn to my own financial life. I'd like to share what I'm learning and what I already know so that you can do the same if you feel it's something you want to do. Please remember that I'm not a financial advisor though. Everyone's situation is different, right?
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